midwest property advisors

MPA Services

  • Property Entitlement Enhancement
    Identify and pursue preferred strategies to achieve key governmental entitlement enhancements such as zoning changes or variances, roadway access, TIF and Enterprise Zone benefits, property tax matters, and special service area designations.
  • Development Management
    Perform as the property owner's representative to form and lead the development team of associated professionals such as architects, civil engineers, and all contractors and suppliers. Provide unified liaison with municipal authorities and financing source representatives. Aggregate and assess issues and alternatives to inform owner decision-making within a customized and coordinated reporting plan.
  • Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Advisory Services
    Consulting and management services typically culminate with transactions in which MPA serves as the property owner's advisor as part of an integrated retention arrangement. Extensive negotiating experience coupled with expertise as a practicing attorney result in highly effective transaction advisory services. This lowers administrative costs, directly impacting the owner's bottom line.
  • Debt & Equity Sources
    We will identify, qualify, and recommend sources of both debt and equity capital which best meet the property's asset profile and the owner's objectives.
  • Asset Management & Alternative Use Implementation
    Where circumstances require, MPA will assume responsibility for asset management functions and will assess and pursue alternative use implementation strategies for properties which need to be repositioned in their markets.
  • Preferred Ownership Structures
    MPA works closely with highly sophisticated attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors to align legal title, property operating responsibilities, tax reporting, and succession considerations within the preferred ownership structure. MPA forms and can administrate all aspects of LLCs, partnerships, and joint ventures.

In general, MPA provides property owner's with a sophisticated, highly flexible, and cost effective contract real estate department. We routinely work in a highly collaborative atmosphere with numerous associated professionals whether they are selected by the owner or through MPA.