midwest property advisors

MPA Philosophy

MPA's effectiveness is attributable in large part to a simple yet thorough and fully integrated process:

  1. Confirm all aspects of the property's current status, the benchmark from which effective and reliable decision-making proceeds. Areas of inquiry include zoning, environmental, topographic and soil characteristics, taxes, utilities access, governmental restrictions, easements, etc.
  2. Assess a full spectrum of opportunities within the context of the relevant market, macro-economic factors (such as interest rate sensitivity), area uses and needs, and the realities (resources, time, and costs) of seeking enhanced entitlements or a change in use. MPA provides all clients with a sophisticated cost-benefit analyses as part of its iterative decision-making process.
  3. Define the owner's objectives. Clear articulation of objectives obliges all parties to become fully engaged in the numerous implicit assumptions and the nuances of process which govern informed decision-making. Often this begins simply by eliminating those obvious "no go" alternatives, but as information aggregates and the evaluative process proceeds, preferred and achievable strategies emerge and are perfected.
  4. Unlike many consultants, MPA often takes a key role responsible for actually implementing the agreed action plan. By forming and leading on an as needed basis a team of associated professionals or others with specific resources, benefiting from relationships MPA has formed over years of collaboration, asset value receives independent verification and the owner remains efficiently focused.