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Why retain MPA? Why not "do it yourself?"

Once again, the answer is simple and realistic based upon two factors:

  1. Our professional, full-time focus centers on the business of real estate every day. Once an engagement has been accepted we can meet the priorities of the property as those demands arise, rather than try to fit them within the structure or the schedule of the client's primary business endeavors.
  2. Whether applying established personal skills or reaching out within the real estate, finance, or legal skills areas, our demonstrated expertise allows for far greater efficiency and effectiveness. These abilities are crucial when recognizing key issues, measuring them, and forming well considered recommendations within a highly collaborative client decision-making process. Real estate can be very time-consuming and frustrating. Why not delegate those parts to those already inured to its processes?

How Does MPA Compete With a Big Firm?

Two key realistic considerations enable MPA not only to compete with much larger firms but give it a competitive advantage:

  1. No aspect of its engagement is delegated to less experienced subordinates.
  2. Unlike major "full service" entities, MPA can absolutely guarantee that it has no conflicts of interest or even subtle, but insidious, "house preferences" which invariably influence or even constrain large brokerage or consulting groups.

MPA's selectivity guarantees its ability to deliver optimal results to meet the fast changing circumstances of today's real estate industry.

What are MPA's Typical Terms of Engagement?

Retaining MPA is based initially upon an agreed scope of services set forth in a detailed "Letter of Engagement. " Most often, we begin with a set maximum fee earned 50% at retention with the balance upon completion of a written deliverable such as a "Property Assessment & Recommendation Report." Thereafter, as the action plan is being implemented, we have found that a combination of monthly retainers against a success or incentive fee based upon a defined final transaction typically appeals to most property owners.

MPA takes considerable pride and makes a determined effort to align its abilities with the property owner's resources in order to avoid duplication of effort and to insure that invaluable historical information is assembled and utilized effectively. MPA regularly works closely with attorneys, accountants, architects, civil engineers, property managers, brokers, and financial advisors and is well accustomed to maintaining highly confidential and fiduciary relationships.